We are in it to Change the World and Change Lives

Service Squared recognizes the significant role that charitable organizations play in addressing social issues and making a positive impact on our communities. We are committed to leveraging our expertise, resources, and networks to support these organizations in achieving their missions.

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We pledge to:

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  1. Partner with Charitable Organizations:

    We pledge to actively seek out and form partnerships with charitable organizations that align with our values and focus on addressing critical social issues. We will engage in open and transparent collaborations, working hand in hand with these organizations to maximize our collective impact.

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  2. Offer Pro Bono Services:

    We pledge to offer pro bono accounting and financial services to our partner charitable organizations. Our team of skilled professionals will contribute their expertise in areas such as financial planning, budgeting, tax compliance, and financial reporting. By providing these services free of charge, we empower charitable organizations to allocate their resources effectively and focus on their core missions.

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  3. Raise Awareness and Mobilize Support:

    We pledge to leverage our platforms, networks, and marketing capabilities to raise awareness about the causes championed by our partner charitable organizations. We will collaborate on fundraising campaigns, events, and initiatives that mobilize support from our clients, employees, and broader community. By amplifying their messages, we contribute to their sustainability and the expansion of their reach.

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  4. Encourage Volunteerism and Employee Engagement:

    We pledge to encourage and support our employees’ engagement with charitable organizations through volunteerism.  Through employee engagement, we foster a sense of purpose and create a culture of giving back.

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By making this social impact pledge, we are dedicated to empowering charitable organizations for positive change. We recognize that our success is intertwined with the well-being of our communities, and we commit to leveraging our resources and expertise to make a lasting difference. We will strive to be responsive, adaptable, and innovative in our support, ensuring that our partnerships create sustainable and transformative outcomes for the communities we serve.

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