Service Squared and
First Light Home Care

Service Squared and First Light Home Care Solutions
are empowering franchisees to thrive in a competitive marketplace and make a positive impact on the lives of those in need of quality home care services.

Accounts Payable

We act like your in-house A/P department working directly with your people, precisely coding your expenses.

Accounts Receivable

Our systems help you track and monitor and collect all outstanding receivables, we match your Point of Sales system to your Bank statements and reconcile all third party accounts.

General Ledger

Track and understand all the details that make up each and every number on your financial statement, all the way down to the sourced journal entry.


We are always happy to help out a vendor or store manager when they have a question. Helping to support and guide you every step of the way.


We act as your full-scale payroll department, working with every level of your organization to make sure things are running smoothly.


We work quickly and accurately to onboard your new team members as soon as possible. We handle I-9 and W-4’s so all you have to worry about it introducing them to the team.


We handle workers compensation, vacation, sick days utilizing unique job codes that help you stay on top of everything.


We deal directly with your people. We are always happy to help out a vendor or store manager when they have a question.

Establish Proper Operating Protocols

We create protocols for client intake, caregiver recruitment, scheduling, billing, and collections. This minimizes errors and ensures consistency in financial management practices.

Custom Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Tracking

By leveraging data-driven insights, franchisees can optimize resource allocation, improve service delivery, and enhance customer satisfaction, ultimately driving profitability and competitive advantage.

Advanced Business Planning

We create a detailed business plan that outlines your financial objectives, revenue projections, expense estimates, and growth strategies. This serves as a roadmap for achieving your financial goals and provides clarity on the steps needed to succeed.

Marketing & Branding Cost Analysis

By tracking performance metrics, analyzing financial data, owners can make data-driven decisions that enhance profitability. This helps drive sustainable growth.


We utilize highly effective financial reporting tools to monitor key performance indicators, identify trends, and proactively monitor your finances for optimal results.

Finance Management

We provide actionable insights and data-driven recommendations. This way franchisees can make informed decisions that drive profitability and long-term success.


We track your Product Mix, COGS and Labor and combine sales-mix reports with your customer counts to keep track of how much you are making with each transaction.


We help you with decisions on everything from expansion or new initiatives, to sales and acquisition. Helping you predict potential liquidity problems and other issues long before they occur.

Comprehensive Support for
First Light Home Care Franchisees

Service Squared goes beyond your average back-end services to provide
strategic support and guidance that gives your franchise a genuine
competitive edge in the marketplace.

Using personalized consulting services, business intelligence, and KPI
benchmarking, Service Squared develops a customized support soltuion
to grow your Home Care franchise. We make sure you have clarity and
confidence in your business so that you can focus on what really matters,
your patients.

  • Full Bookkeeping Solution
  • Maintain Recurring payments (rents, insurance, etc.)
  • Full-Service Payroll Solution
  • Customized Financial Reporting
  • A/P Data Entry Processing
  • Business Licenses Processing
  • Prepare Period Financial Statements
  • KPI Management
  • Cut and Deliver Checks and Check Register
  • Annual 1099 reporting
  • Develop a Closing Schedule
  • Staffing Analysis
  • Promo and Marketing Cost Analysis
  • Employee Retention
  • Specialized Business Intelligence
  • Customer Retention Analysis
  • Operating Expense Analysis
  • Branding Cost Analysis
  • Caregiver Protocols
  • Business Planning
  • Client Protocols

A Genuine Competitive Edge

Franchisees that utilize Service Squared out-perform other
franchisees of the same brand. Our services have been proven to give
your franchise a genuine competitive edge in the marketplace.

We not only provide unparalleled back-end support for franchisees;
our team of industry experts guide you towards opportunity by helping
you understand what the numbers really mean and how to improve
your financial performance.

Get your Business the Support it Deserves

Let us take some weight off of your shoulders.