Financial Services

Our tailored and comprehensive financial reporting system keeps your finger on the pulse of your Business. There is a lot more to every statement than just the numbers, there is a whole story there.

Daily Sales and Labor

Checking every day to understand each of your locations sales, labor and operations helps you make sure your business is running smoothly everywhere.

Weekly Profit and Loss

Instead of making you wait more than a month, we presently P&Ls weekly, giving you a chance to see how your budget is holding up.

Monthly Operating Reports

Going far beyond basic financials we provide you with a monthly report that includes trends, graphs and other analytical measurements of performance.


We combine sales-mix reports with your customer counts to keep track of how much you are making with each transaction, and which items are selling the best.


Know how much money you make off of each purchase, tracking your average cost per transaction and comparing it to what it should have been.


Watch when you are over or under-staffed, allowing you to build optimized schedules with ideal average wages and overtime calculations.

Employee Turnover

Keep track of your employees’ tenure, following how long they stay with your business, tip-averages and more.


We work with you to construct and implement dynamic budgets tailored to your business, helping you manage your resources effectively.

Cash-flow forecasting

Predict potential liquidity problems and other issues long before they occur, helping you rest a little easier at night.

New Store Modeling

We project the cost of opening a new location as well forecasting future performance so you can be fully confident expanding your business.

Strategic Planning

We provide a financial viewpoint and support your decision making and direction, helping you with decisions on everything from expansion or new initiatives, to sales and acquisition.

We strive for full transparency and clarity in all of our processes. We work with you to design reporting that allows you to clearly understand how your business is doing and where opportunities exist to improve cash flow.

There’s a Story Behind Every Report

We strive for full clarity in all of our processes. Working with you to design reporting methods that allow you to grasp how your business is doing and where opportunities exist to improve cash flow.


Entities & Locations Supported


Years of CFO Experience

$500+ Million

Annual Revenue Managed

  • Annual Budgets
  • Semi-Annual Budget Review
  • Cash Flow Forecasting
  • Data Polling
  • Data Field Setup
  • Daily Sales and Labor Reporting
  • Weekly Flash P&L Reporting
  • Sales Mix Reports
  • Product Mix
  • Monthly Operating Report
  • Reports by Store & District
  • Detailed Profit and Loss Statements 
  • Landlord Reporting
  • GAAP Financials
  • Fixed Asset Ledger
  • Product Mix
  • Cash over/short
  • Compliance reporting

Guiding Support

Your Partner in Progress

​With a focus on such things as margin improvement, customer metrics and prudent business planning we have helped many unprofitable operations become profitable ones. As your trusted business partner, we also assist with other common issues that service operators face, such as corporate structuring, capital raising, licensing and compliance as well as planning and forecasting.

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