Wholesale and Distribution Accounting and Back-End Support

We provide a comprehensive system of support backed by insight driven guidance. Focusing on maximizing efficiency and productivity, we help give you an upper edge in the marketplace.

Accounts Payable

We act like your in-house A/P department working directly with your people, precisely coding your expenses.

Accounting Receivable

Our systems help you track and monitor and collect all outstanding receivables, we match your Point of Sales system to your Bank statements and reconcile all third party accounts.

General Ledger

Track and understand all the details that make up each and every number on your financial statement, all the way down to the sourced journal entry.

Licensing & Compliance

We take time off your hands managing, preparing and filing your companies business license and compliance filings.


Our transparent and customized daily, weekly and monthly reporting process give you access to your numbers at all times.


We track your Product Mix, COGS and Labor and combine sales-mix reports with your customer counts to keep track of how much you are making with each transaction.


We help you with decisions on everything from expansion or new initiatives, to sales and acquisition. Helping you predict potential liquidity problems and other issues long before they occur.


We act as your full-scale payroll department, working with every level of your organization to make sure things are running smoothly.


We work quickly and accurately to onboard your new team members as soon as possible. We handle I-9 and W-4’s so all you have to worry about it introducing them to the team.


We handle workers compensation, vacation, sick days utilizing unique job codes that help you stay on top of everything.


We make sure you are fully compliant with the ACA and all other state and federal requirements. We process your W-2s and file quarterly wage reports with the state.

Cost Management

By checking how your business is running vs how much should, we make sure you are not wasting money by over or under-spending.

Labor Scheduling

We analyze bonus structuring and help with management retention planning comparing your historical sales to your active labor costs so you can be certain you have the right number of your team staffed at all times.

Business Plans

After several decades of collective experience preparing business plans for all types of industries, we’ve learned all the ins and outs. We build and include projection forecasts for your proposed expansion so you can be confident in your plans for your concept.

Capital Raising

We get you connected to the right people and our financial input helps you build the trust you need to raise funds. Over the years we have helped our clients successfully raise more than half a billion dollars for new and existing concepts

Instead of simply presenting your numbers we take the time to explain what they mean for you and your restaurant, giving you clarity and confidence in knowing how your restaurant is doing.  

Full Service Support

We help with everything from processing billing and commission to helping you acquire new chains. Giving you insight into the tiniest details or your operations or zooming out to the biggest picture. We are here as a partner, providing a comprehensive support.




Employees Supported Through Payroll

$500+ Million

Annual Client Revenues

  • Full Bookkeeping Solution
  • Maintain Recurring payments (rents, insurance, etc.)
  • A/P Data Entry Processing
  • Credit Memo Processing
  • Provide Cash Requirements
  • Report and A/P Aging on a Weekly basis

  • Product Margin Analysis
  • Facility Costing Analysis
  • Shipping Analysis
  • ERP Solution
  • US & International Experience

Fostering Productivity

There is a Story Behind Every Number

​Using your data, we look for opportunities to reduce our clients administrative expenses and provide our annual Cost Savings Audit.

From product margin analysis to facility costing and shipping to ERP and distribution, we review your cost structure and using our experience and network provide your with cost saving options.

Get your Business the support it deserves

Check how your business can grow up with service squared you need to let it thrive